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Andrew's goal in Coaching his clients is​ to help guide them towards greater health, vitality, clarity, focus, balance, longevity, inner peace, and happiness.

In Coaching, the focus is on providing clients the understanding, knowledge, and tools to continue their personal journey towards these goals.

Andrew divides his Coaching into three main areas, each of which enhance and overlap the others in a holistic way:

-  Energy Work (Qigong) & Tai Chi

-  Meditation

-  Holistic Coaching

Central to all three of these aspects are the core principles of:

-  Understanding

-  Awareness

-  Integration

-  Relaxation

While Andrew always provides a some Coaching to his patients, particularly in the Holistic Coaching areas of diet, lifestyle, and psychological / spiritual attitude; it is with dedicated Coaching that you start to truly transform at all levels of your being. 

Coaching with Andrew Popovic


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Holistic Coaching helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being. With Andrew's guidance you will start to understand the links between the different aspects of your being. You will see where there is imbalance, and what its effects are - making sense of many of the issues you may be experiencing on different levels.

Most importantly you will gain an understanding of what you can do to achieve balance, to reintegrate the disconnected and fragmented parts of your being - reuniting your body, your energy, your mind, your awareness, and your spirit.

Every aspect of life is considered in Holistic Coaching: your diet, lifestyle, emotional and mental habits, environment, work, relationships, your goals and aspirations, your spiritual path, and your personal destiny. Nothing is separate, and nothing is unconnected to your overall wellbeing. Even your physical posture and body alignments are analysed and corrected in order to increase your vitality, positive mood, and to help you correct musculoskeletal issues such as back, hip, and joint problems.

With Andrew's guidance, you will learn to recognise your strengths and weaknesses, in particular your Elemental strengths and weaknesses, which have a huge effect on your physical, energetic, and psychological wellbeing. These Elemental patterns also determine your tendencies with regards to your choices of diet, environment, work, relationships, lifestyle, and mental-emotional habits.

Learning your personal Elemental pattern can revolutionise your understanding of yourself - and make it much easier to make healthier and more productive choices for yourself. It can be a revelation in terms of making sense of long-standing issues, and it can provide the key to extremely rapid personal transformation.

Andrew also guides you to towards the therapies and activities that will be personally beneficial and transformative for you, helping you cut through the confusion regarding which healing and self-development paths would be best for you.

Holistic Coaching also links into the other two aspects of Andrew's Coaching: Energy Work (Qigong), and Meditation. Clients who pursue Holistic Coach on an ongoing basis are also coached in those practices, for the transformational benefits they yield at the physical, energetic, and psycho-spiritual levels. 


Andrew shares the extraordinary benefits of his mastery of Qigong (Energy Work) with his Coaching clients in private tuition and workshops.

Qigong (pronounced 'Chee Gung') means 'Energy Work' in Chinese. Qi in this context refers to the life-energy that animates your being and flows through specific channels in your body. Qi is gathered, expended, and stored. The principal sources of Qi are food, the air you breathe, water, and nature including the Earth itself as well as the Cosmos.

When we have abundant Qi that is flowing smoothly in the correct channels of the body, we have health, vitality, clarity, emotional and mental balance, and spiritual power.

Qigong has a remarkable effect on the mind and emotions, as well as on your body and your energy levels. Many chronic health and mental-emotional issues can be radically improved with the sustained practice of Qigong.

When our Qi becomes blocked, weak, or disordered, we have illness, emotional and mental disturbance, lack of clarity, low energy, and spiritual dullness.

The purpose of Qigong is to rebalance your Qi, clear blockage, and rebuild and enhance your stored reserves of vitality (Jing). Additionally, it works to realign your physical body, correct postural issues, and reprogram your nervous system for naturally healthy functioning.

All Qigong uses some combination of physical postures, movement, breathing, and mental intention. However, there are actually many systems of Qigong in existence, which come from quite different traditions: Medical, Martial, Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist. These various traditions often have quite different goals, attitudes, and approaches to Energy Work and personal development. In some cases (Martial), health and mental-emotional balance may even be sacrificed for the goal of energetic power.

Consequently, it is important to understand the basic approach of any Qigong system you intend to practice. Qigong is very powerful and therefore you should be sure of the goal and end-result of that system. There is a famous Taoist saying: "What you practice you become!".

While Andrew has experience in many of the systems of Qigong, it was his deliberate choice to concentrate his training  and teaching on the Taoist Qigong tradition, due to its sophistication, power, safety, and multi-level benefits.

Taoist Qigong is arguably the most ancient and most spiritually rooted of the Qigong traditions. Andrew teaches what is known as the Water Method of Lao Tzu (the author of the Tao Te Ching), which represents the most ancient and profound methods of the Taoist tradition. In fact this knowledge long pre-dates Lao Tzu and is over 5,000 years old.


The form of Qigong that Andrew teaches is more correctly called Neigong ("Nei Gung") or 'Internal Work'. This is because the methods involved work on a deeper level than the more 'external' forms of Qigong found in many other traditions.

Taoist Qigong / Neigong is actually pretty well known in the West in the form of Tai Chi, which is a type of Internal Martial Art and Mind-Body practice that incorporates Taoist Qigong into an external movement / fighting form.

The Taoist Qigong that Andrew teaches is effectively the engine inside Tai Chi and will yield most of that art's benefits; arguably more, since you immediately learn the Energy Work without having to struggle with complex movements for months or years.

Taoist Qigong seamlessly melds posture, movement, breathing, and intent into a powerful whole, which frees blockages in your Energy, calms the mind and the emotions, centres your awareness, and reintegrates Mind, Energy, Body, and Spirit.

It is highly efficient in terms of the time and space needed to practice, yielding greater results due to its synergistic techniques.


However, it requires a highly capable teacher to convey the principles, methods, and practices in a clear and easily understandable way. It also requires a teacher who can directly transmit to the student the energetic actions that underlie the practice. It cannot be properly learned either from a book or from a teacher who has not actualised these practices within themselves.

With his decades of experience and mastery of Taoist Qigong, Andrew is a rare teacher who possesses these qualities and whose ambition is to help elevate all his students to his level and beyond.

Taoist Qigong has an inherently meditative quality to it, and overlaps with Taoist Meditation. It is considered a foundation for the more advanced meditation practices, but also a vehicle for applying those practices, in both movement and stillness.

Tai Chi is a more externally complex form of Taoist Qigong that was originally developed as a fighting art using the Neigong priciples to generate internal power, sensitivity, fluidity of motion, open awareness, and inner calm. The movements of Tai Chi are all based on fighting applications, but simultaneously bring enormous benefits to body and mind. Tai Chi is a wonder art, and well worth learning. Due to the large number of sequential movements involved and the need for precise tuition and correction, Andrew currently teaches Tai Chi only in private one-to-one sessions.


The question 'What is meditation?' has almost as many different answers are there are systems and traditions of meditation. A better question might be 'What do you want to gain from practicing meditation?'. For most people; greater peace of mind, emotional balance, and more clarity and mental focus are probably the top answers. 

Andrew coaches his clients in the direct, accessible, and powerful methods of Taoist Meditation. In this system of meditation, the emphasis is on awareness - specifically on developing your awareness of your own body, energy, and mind. The methods used include breathing meditation, standing meditation, and moving meditation. It is a practical system, that builds your ability in concrete steps, to steadily increase your ability for inner calm, presence, clarity, and deep awareness. As a result, the benefits start to accrue immediately, and deep with time and practice.

Andrew's Meditation teachings are free of any religious aspects - they are based on working directly with your own body, breath, energy, and mind, free of any spiritual concepts. Genuine spiritual experience naturally arises through the steady development of pure Awareness. Consequently, Andrew's teaching is suitable for people of any faith, no faith, and if they have previously studied other systems of Meditation or spiritual teachings.

What Andrew teaches transcends all cultural boundaries, and goes to the heart of what it means to be human.

Andrew's goal is to empower all his Meditation students with the ability to practice on their own initiative, and he gives a profound and clear road map to deepening their meditation without needed regular support from a teacher.


Many people ask whether Andrew's Coaching is suitable for beginners - the answer is emphatically 'Yes'. In fact, beginners often grasp the concepts more quickly than people who have a lot of experience in other systems, or with other teachers. That is the advantage of 'beginner's mind'. 

However, individuals who have previous experience, even many years of experience, also find Andrew's Coaching to be hugely beneficial, and remark that it fills in the blanks, provides the missing pieces, or acts like a key to unlock their understanding. 

Andrew welcomes all individuals regardless of their experience, including those who have trained in other traditions or systems. All that is required is an open mind and willingness to learn..


Holistic Coaching
Energy Work (Qigong)
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